John P. Dublirer's
Personal Side

I was born in Walla Walla, Washington,
and moved to

Sacramento,  California

I grew up in Sacramento, living there until I moved to
Huntsville, Alabama in 1995
and then to Arlington / Ft.Worth, Texas in March 1998.

I *love*

Flight Simulators

ice dancing,
figure skating


MAGIC Shows   and

romance musicals

And I'm passionate about growing *roses*.

See favorite roses of mine
From Jackson Perkins catalogue

I play a little lead guitar on my Gibson SG, blues and rock mostly.

I enjoyed painting computer artwork on my Commodore Amiga, as you can see on my main page.

And see SNAPPY, bring stunning pictures from your TV, VCR or camcorder to your computer

And I'm very fond of having cats in my life.
I got two cats as 6-week-old kittens on April 17th, 1998.
"Mischief" and "Jasmine".

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