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2163 Scott Road
Hazel Green, Alabama 35750

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We offer many varieties of apples and prices are the same for all kinds.  They are generally available by the last of August or first of September.

Date Variety Taste/Texture
Aug 20 Gala Sweet/Crisp
Aug 20 Ginger Gold Mild/Sweet/Crisp
Sept 1 Red Delicious Sweet
Sept 1 Golden Delicious Sweet/Firm
Sept 1 Jonathan Tart/Crisp
Sept 15 Mutsu (Crispen) Sweet/Tart/Firm
Sept 15 Jonagold Mild/Firm
Sept 21 Rome Reauty Mild/Crisp
Oct 1 Dixie Red Sweet/Crisp
Oct 5 Fuji Sweet/Firm
Oct 5 Winesap Tart/Crisp
Oct 10 Granny Smith Tart/Hard
Oct 25 Arkansas Black Mild/Hard

What Else Do We Have?

Apple Cider Slush
Honey Ceramics
Pumpkins Cookbooks
Dried Apples Candied Apples
Apple Cider Apple Cider Vinegar
Watermelons Sweet Potatoes
Caramel Apples Caramel Popcorn


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